Copy of Sirius Mass 5.5 kg Serious Mass


המלאי אזל

The world's best-selling Gainer for increase in muscle mass saving 5.5 kg

375.00 כולל מעמ

המלאי אזל

Gainer H.- SERIOUS MASS of OPTIMUM Especially suited to athletes and ordinary people who want to increase muscle mass quickly and efficiently without increasing fat percentage.

Each high-quality serving contains more than 1250 high-calorie foods based on the highest quality ancestors including 50 high-quality ultra-whey protein, calcium casanite protein, egg albumen protein.
High-quality combination of low and high glycemic index carbohydrates, plus high-calorie MCT acids to help you stand and succeed even in the toughest workouts! To each dose was added pure creatine and glutamine to allow each dose to give the maximum when it comes to strength and increase in mass.
In addition, make a substantial addition of quality vitamins and minerals needed for every athlete to the perfect balance of his daily menu during a training period.

What are the benefits of Sirius Mass? 

· This formula did not add sugar!
· 1250 calories per daily dose (this is before the addition of milk and cows)
· Glutamine and creatine supplementation
· 50 grams of high quality protein per serving
· Excellent combination of Multivitamin / mineral


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